Hello there!
Here’s yet another diary page.
I know it’s a lot of the diary right now. It’s not something I’ve been planning for. It just happens to be this book that I reach out for whenever my fingers starts to itch, and I don’t have any other projects going on that I’m allowed to show you.

So here you go. My take on the huge pile of snow that fell last evening and melted away again over night:scan0047.jpg

I wasn’t too excited about snow when living in Sweden, but now it makes me feel like home.
I don’t mean to say that Denmark doesn’t feel like home. I’m pretty sure that I am more comfortable in Copenhagen than in Stockholm by now.
Still, would I ever get homesick, it’s the snow I’ll be missing. Sure, they get it here in Denmark too. But somehow it feels as if it only barely counts, when it only stays for a few hours.


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