Little Christmas-painting

Merry Christmas, or happy whatever other holiday you’re engaged in!

I’m no fan of holiday-celebrations myself. It’s not that I have anything against christmas, it just happens to be filled with things that makes me nervous, so I usually try to avoid it all.
I was planning on spending the day alone, but agreed to come with my boyfriend to his mom’s house. Luckily, their idea of a good christmas celebration looks a lot like mine.  They spent the whole day playing computer games and watching series, and I was listening to music and painting this:

Say what you want about Christmas, but the theme sure makes for some idyllic motives.

It almost beats that one year when the whole celebration was eating clementines and watching die hard.

Hope everyone else also got to spend the weekend the way they wanted to.

Diary in May

A little late, but here are my documents from last month:

The summarising spread for the whole month.
My hair is longer than it’s ever been, it’s quite annoying. Mom’s house is full of kittens.
I slaughtered a rooster for the first time(the handling of the body was worse than the actual killing). I’m getting a lot of exercise from carrying bicycles and digging up the vegetable garden.  And, only returning to your home every other week during springtime makes for an even greener happy surprise every time you get there.

I’m getting a lot of visitors in my bed these days.
And I’m trying to make characters out of objects. Not diary-related, but a really fun exercise which I will look more into sometime.

For some reason, all the animals are following me around all day. Pretty sure that the dogs just like me, the cats probably wants to eat me, and the chickens are looking for revenge.

Children I’ve encountered, and the plan for the garden.

And lastly, these two dog-drawings that you’ve already seen, and an overlook on mom’s place. It’s a really nice place.

Happy June!

Some diary pages from the Swedish countryside

Since you didn’t get the diary post in the beginning of the month, but I’ve been doing some documenting since then, I thought that you might as well get a little diary tour now.
Not much is happening out in the country. It’s mostly dog walks, digging in the garden and work for me.

We’ve been visited by the neighbor’s dog a lot. The neighbor isn’t too happy about it, but the dogs are.scan0058
Working amongst a bunch of cats is as cozy as it is frustrating.

Then it’s all of the travelling that I told you about before, which is going a lot better since the dog got used to public transport.
And digging, with the help of the grooviest gang in Gummarp (that’s the name of the place)

And more dog-walks. After the winter it’s kind of flooded here, so it’s more jumpping than walking for us right now.

That’s all from me today. Hope y’all are having as nice a time as I am :)


Where I’ve been

Hello everyone! You might have noticed that I’ve been gone for a while, and this is the reason:

I thought my move to Sweden would be smoother, but moving into an old caravan always brings some surprises. Such as how much stuff I need to get out of it before I can get my own things in there, that it has no support legs so I have to improvise some to make sure it doesn’t act like a seesaw whenever I move inside it, that I really have some good electrician-skills(I’m ridiculously proud of myself for getting power in here), and how much time it takes to build a table without the proper tools. But now, after much frustration and with blistered hands, I can finally call this place home, and I’m really happy to be back on track. Now I have to catch up on those commissions I’ve been unable to work on during my days in the dark age.

Have a nice day y’all!


Strangers and friends

Here’s another one from the diary. These all started out as very quick sketches(gotta be fast so they don’t notice me!), which I inked and colored later.
Drawing strangers in public is strange. It feels as if I’m violating someone’s private space, without them even noticing. The weirdest thing is how I feel some sort of connection to these people. I’ll most likely never see them again, and they most likely never saw me at all. Still, I somehow consider these guys my friends.
I guess it’s a bit the same with you.
There aren’t too many of you following this blog, and that’s really nice. When I write here I adress you, the readers, because I know that you’re there, but in reality I just write for myself. That’s just how I started out. I didn’t think anyone would care to see what I paint or write, so I’ve had no problem being very personal here.

I still get really excited when the little orange dot in the corner tells me that “someone is following your blog”. I always want to see who it is, and I’m always surprised when I find out.
I think that if I had a huge bunch of followers, that thing would disappear. I might be more cautious about what I share, and it would become less personal. And mostly, I wouldn’t be able to have some sort of idea of who it is that I’m writing to. So I’m very grateful that there aren’t too many of you.

I know very little, or nothing, about all of you. I don’t know if you are here for my art or something else, you rarely leave a comment, and I don’t actually have a relationship to you. But I’ve seen you, and you’ve seen me, in a way.
That makes me think of you as my friends (I guess that word might be too strong, but it’s the closest to what I feel.) My secret, quiet friends, whom I feel comfortable sharing my diary-pages and personal thoughts with.
So, thank you, my dear internet-crew. I’m really glad that you’re here, and flattered by the fact that you stay.
I look forward to seeing more of you.


Diary in March

Hello! Here’s the diary from last month. I don’t have a summarising spread this time, but I’ve been documenting as always.
It’s funny how my choice of color is affected by my mood. I found that I used a lot of blue in january and february, where a lot of things happened, but everything was going smoothly and I was calm and overall happy. March haven’t been particularly eventful, but I’ve been going through a lot of emotional turbulence, especially towards the end of the month, and that showed up here as a lot of red and purple.
You’ve already seen this one. Not so much red and purple here.

Patrick outside of the caravan. It’s very brown here still, but the green is on it’s way.

So, yeah. Emotional turbulence. I’ve had quite a few days like this lately, but I think it’s about to pass now.

I got a weekend job. It’s probably very healthy for me, and it’s a great job. I mostly took it for the purpose of getting out every once in awhile, and meet some people. But of course, I’m geting payed too, and knowing that I’ll be having some extra money has made me go and buy a lot of stuff that I don’t really need. Like a gold pen. And apple juice and cookies. That’s luxury for you.

scan0027And this one, which you’ve also seen most of already. No red or purple here. Just warm and happy spring-things.

Happy april y’all!