Diary in February

Hello folks!
I haven’t been around for a while, but there’s been a lot of diary-pages created, here’s the sum-up of february:

Winterbirds and different things we look at.

In case you missed that, we have a dog called Rita. I never thought I’d own a dog, and sometimes I doubt the decision to get one. She takes up so much time, and I can’t really do anything because she can’t be left alone for more than a minute. But of course I love the crazy lady, and i have since the day she moved in.
You know how people say that “you can’t possibly understand what it’s like until you have a dog of your own”. I understand now..

We like sleep, and two experiments inspired by something I saw on the internet. I can’t find that picture now, but if you who made it ever sees this: I’m sorry about the plagiarizing. It was only for practice!

View from mom’s backyard.

scan0059.jpgAnd the big february-spread.
I met with a very good friend in Christiania – that weird place where dogs can roam free and everything smells like weed.
Ritas friend Lumi came to visit.
It’s been a very tiring time for the whole tiny family.
Our neighbour came home, to our disappointment. It’s really strange to have someone living so close when the walls are made of plastic and paper, and we’re the kinds of weirdos who prefer to be left alone. Luckily, there aren’t many people that can hold out living like this for too long, so our neighbours usually move out again pretty quickly. They stay over the summer, then they give up around fall, and we can expect someone new to move in again next year.
And the highlight of the month: My dad – PappaLars – came to visit, for the first time since I moved to Denmark (like 4 years ago)! Our common interests are punk music and beer drinking, so of course we had a very good time. Even though he can’t fit in the caravan, or the fact that he knows more about Copenhagen than I do (stay-at-home-people are bad tour guides.)

That’s that. I hope you guys enjoyed these pages.
I’m working on some really exciting projects right now, and I can’t wait until I’m allowed to show you. But for now you’ll have to live with all my less exciting rants and scribbles about nothing.

Have an awesome day!


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