Some diary pages from the Swedish countryside

Since you didn’t get the diary post in the beginning of the month, but I’ve been doing some documenting since then, I thought that you might as well get a little diary tour now.
Not much is happening out in the country. It’s mostly dog walks, digging in the garden and work for me.

We’ve been visited by the neighbor’s dog a lot. The neighbor isn’t too happy about it, but the dogs are.scan0058
Working amongst a bunch of cats is as cozy as it is frustrating.

Then it’s all of the travelling that I told you about before, which is going a lot better since the dog got used to public transport.
And digging, with the help of the grooviest gang in Gummarp (that’s the name of the place)

And more dog-walks. After the winter it’s kind of flooded here, so it’s more jumpping than walking for us right now.

That’s all from me today. Hope y’all are having as nice a time as I am :)



Diary in March

Hello! Here’s the diary from last month. I don’t have a summarising spread this time, but I’ve been documenting as always.
It’s funny how my choice of color is affected by my mood. I found that I used a lot of blue in january and february, where a lot of things happened, but everything was going smoothly and I was calm and overall happy. March haven’t been particularly eventful, but I’ve been going through a lot of emotional turbulence, especially towards the end of the month, and that showed up here as a lot of red and purple.
You’ve already seen this one. Not so much red and purple here.

Patrick outside of the caravan. It’s very brown here still, but the green is on it’s way.

So, yeah. Emotional turbulence. I’ve had quite a few days like this lately, but I think it’s about to pass now.

I got a weekend job. It’s probably very healthy for me, and it’s a great job. I mostly took it for the purpose of getting out every once in awhile, and meet some people. But of course, I’m geting payed too, and knowing that I’ll be having some extra money has made me go and buy a lot of stuff that I don’t really need. Like a gold pen. And apple juice and cookies. That’s luxury for you.

scan0027And this one, which you’ve also seen most of already. No red or purple here. Just warm and happy spring-things.

Happy april y’all!


First day of spring

If you live further away from the equator, as I do, then you know that awesome day after a long winter where the sun is actually warm for the first time. (yes, I know it’s always warm, and you know what I mean) We had that day two days ago, and we really did use of it.
This whole winter I have avoided going outside as much as possible. Partly because it’s winter, but also because I’ve been having more work than ever before. I’ve taken maybe two or three days off since october, and I’ve only left the desk because the dog needs it’s walks. Poor Rita. I’ve been no fun at all to hang out with.
But this day, there were no excuses. I rushed through a few projects in the morning, and to  both mine and Rita’s excitement, spend the rest of the day out in the forest.scan0004.jpg
Awesome day. Looking forward to more of these.

Has spring come to you guys yet? Or maybe you live somewhere where the sun warms in the winter as well? I know some of you come from completely different places in the world, so I’d love to know what spring is like over where you’re at!

Have a great (and hopefully warm and sunny) day!


Diary in February

Hello folks!
I haven’t been around for a while, but there’s been a lot of diary-pages created, here’s the sum-up of february:

Winterbirds and different things we look at.

In case you missed that, we have a dog called Rita. I never thought I’d own a dog, and sometimes I doubt the decision to get one. She takes up so much time, and I can’t really do anything because she can’t be left alone for more than a minute. But of course I love the crazy lady, and i have since the day she moved in.
You know how people say that “you can’t possibly understand what it’s like until you have a dog of your own”. I understand now..

We like sleep, and two experiments inspired by something I saw on the internet. I can’t find that picture now, but if you who made it ever sees this: I’m sorry about the plagiarizing. It was only for practice!

View from mom’s backyard.

scan0059.jpgAnd the big february-spread.
I met with a very good friend in Christiania – that weird place where dogs can roam free and everything smells like weed.
Ritas friend Lumi came to visit.
It’s been a very tiring time for the whole tiny family.
Our neighbour came home, to our disappointment. It’s really strange to have someone living so close when the walls are made of plastic and paper, and we’re the kinds of weirdos who prefer to be left alone. Luckily, there aren’t many people that can hold out living like this for too long, so our neighbours usually move out again pretty quickly. They stay over the summer, then they give up around fall, and we can expect someone new to move in again next year.
And the highlight of the month: My dad – PappaLars – came to visit, for the first time since I moved to Denmark (like 4 years ago)! Our common interests are punk music and beer drinking, so of course we had a very good time. Even though he can’t fit in the caravan, or the fact that he knows more about Copenhagen than I do (stay-at-home-people are bad tour guides.)

That’s that. I hope you guys enjoyed these pages.
I’m working on some really exciting projects right now, and I can’t wait until I’m allowed to show you. But for now you’ll have to live with all my less exciting rants and scribbles about nothing.

Have an awesome day!


Hello there!
Here’s yet another diary page.
I know it’s a lot of the diary right now. It’s not something I’ve been planning for. It just happens to be this book that I reach out for whenever my fingers starts to itch, and I don’t have any other projects going on that I’m allowed to show you.

So here you go. My take on the huge pile of snow that fell last evening and melted away again over night:scan0047.jpg

I wasn’t too excited about snow when living in Sweden, but now it makes me feel like home.
I don’t mean to say that Denmark doesn’t feel like home. I’m pretty sure that I am more comfortable in Copenhagen than in Stockholm by now.
Still, would I ever get homesick, it’s the snow I’ll be missing. Sure, they get it here in Denmark too. But somehow it feels as if it only barely counts, when it only stays for a few hours.


If you read my last post, you know that I’ve spent the weekend in a shopping centre, painting kid’s faces all day long. It was really hectic, and really fun too.

To my  disappointment I couldn’t take any photos. I wouldn’t show them to you guys anyways. Because you know, it’s not cool to post pictures of other people just like that. But I would’ve loved to have been able to take some for myself, just to kind of save my work. Most of you are probably aware that you can get emotionally attached to your creative work, and I had no idea that this would apply here as well. But it did.
Mostly it was butterflies, spidermans and tigers(as it has been since the beginning of time) but I got some pretty cool requests too. Such as “I want to be a vampire princess”, “Make me look like a diamond” or “Please just make me as gross and scary as possible”. That’s the kind of stuff I get really excited about, and those were the cases where I couldn’t help but getting a little sad when seeing them leaving.

So instead of taking any photos, I could at least make this little drawing in my diary to sum the whole thing up.
Anyone who has ever worked with children, in any way, knows that half the job is more about the parents. Luckily, I managed to put my whole focus on the kids, and most of the time it was so much fun I wasn’t even bothered by the craziest moms.
I sure hope they’ll be hiring me again, because this is really something I can imagine doing more of.

I did get something else with me from there, and I’m doing a little project with it right now. You’ll get to see it pretty soon, but I think most of the updates about that will be through the facebook page. So check that out if you’re interested in more drawings and shorter texts :)

Have a great day everybody!


A little experiment in the diary

Hi guys! Today I’ve been working on a small experiment.
Again, inspired by the nice weather, I wanted to depict our morning walk in the mist, and I wanted to use my masking fluid, or drawing gum or whatever it’s called.
It’s not like this is an experiment in the sense of this being something completely new.(I have obviously used masking fluid before)
But it felt like an experiment because I haven’t used the masking fluid on this paper before, and instead of just covering one small detail with the fluid, I was going to cover almost the whole page, and I was going to do it in a different order than I normally do.

So here’s the first step. I loosely drew up the scene in pencil, and inked the characters.

Step two. Here’s where it gets different, because normally I would ink the whole thing before putting anything else on there. But now there’s masking fluid all over the place.
I’m pretty sure it’s made for water based colors, so I had no idea how it would handle being drawn on with an ink-pen.

Ok, so it seems all right so far. The rest of the ink is on, and the masking fluid didn’t really suffer from it. I think. I can’t be completely sure until I try peeling it off.

Step four. The watercolors. Nothing special here. Just coloring like I always do.

And so the masking fluid gone.
It actually was amazingly easy to get it off. It didn’t rip the paper, and the ink stayed in the right place.

Just a few extra details on top of that and it’s all done!
It didn’t turn out just as I had imagined, but does it ever? I’m pretty happy to have found out how well the masking fluid works with this paper, and I’m sure I’ll be using it more.
I’ll be working with paintings kid’s faces in a mall the whole weekend. I’m super excited and nervous about it, but it’s probably going to work out just fine. I wish I could take photos of it, but I’m pretty sure it’s very indecent of me to exploit other people’s children on the internet(If I ever get kids of my own, I promise their sole purpose in life will be showing off my face-painting skills). So you won’t be seeing anything about that.
I just wanted to let you know why I won’t be posting or mailing or anything the next couple of days.

Have a nice weekend y’all!



So here is my first diary-post.
I wanted to tell you a bit about my christmas, and show you a page from my “diary”. It looks like this:
2149.jpgNow, this is a very romanticised depiction of what was really going on.

This christmas, me, my two younger brothers and our mom got together in her house. We all live very far away from each other, so we rarely get together, and it’s so much fun when we do. But it’s also quite chaotic.
Here’s how it all went down:
Mom’s cats have been chasing my dog, my dog has been chasing mom’s chickens, meatballs burned, little brother crying, nervous cats starts peeing inside, other brother demanding lunch, the firewood is wet, the game-night is less about answering questions and more about yelling at each other about whether Israel is in Europe, Africa or Asia, and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier about staying at home this year.
But believe it or not, we all survived and even managed to do all the weird, mandatory, swedish christmas-things, like eating raw fish and writing poems to go along with christmas gifts. We might give it a try again next year.
For now, I’m happy to be back to my quiet camping wagon, where the days rarely get more chaotic than this: