If you read my last post, you know that I’ve spent the weekend in a shopping centre, painting kid’s faces all day long. It was really hectic, and really fun too.

To my  disappointment I couldn’t take any photos. I wouldn’t show them to you guys anyways. Because you know, it’s not cool to post pictures of other people just like that. But I would’ve loved to have been able to take some for myself, just to kind of save my work. Most of you are probably aware that you can get emotionally attached to your creative work, and I had no idea that this would apply here as well. But it did.
Mostly it was butterflies, spidermans and tigers(as it has been since the beginning of time) but I got some pretty cool requests too. Such as “I want to be a vampire princess”, “Make me look like a diamond” or “Please just make me as gross and scary as possible”. That’s the kind of stuff I get really excited about, and those were the cases where I couldn’t help but getting a little sad when seeing them leaving.

So instead of taking any photos, I could at least make this little drawing in my diary to sum the whole thing up.
Anyone who has ever worked with children, in any way, knows that half the job is more about the parents. Luckily, I managed to put my whole focus on the kids, and most of the time it was so much fun I wasn’t even bothered by the craziest moms.
I sure hope they’ll be hiring me again, because this is really something I can imagine doing more of.

I did get something else with me from there, and I’m doing a little project with it right now. You’ll get to see it pretty soon, but I think most of the updates about that will be through the facebook page. So check that out if you’re interested in more drawings and shorter texts :)

Have a great day everybody!



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