Living in a camping wagon really isn’t so bad. You get used to it pretty quickly. The crowded space where only one person at a time can be up walking around, and climbing over each other to get into the sofa. The way of cooking a meal on a tiny space with only one hotplate and a tiny, tiny oven. The heavy chore of fetching water in a big can… Even emptying the toilet every third day doesn’t seem that gross after a while.
There’s just one thing that you don’t really get used to. The cold.
This is my second wagon. The first one I lived in was up in Sweden, where it’s a lot colder than it is here in Denmark. Up there I used to wake up to find my water frozen, so I couldn’t get my morning coffee. BUT, the one I lived in in Sweden was pretty ok when it came to insulation. If I heated it up, it stayed warm. This one, however, has wind running through every window, no matter how much tape we’ve tried fixing them with. This means that no matter how long the radiator is on, it never really gets warm, as the heat blows right out the windows.
So here I sit, struggling to paint because of cold fingers and big (obviously useless) mittens. Luckily I’ve got both a dog and a dude to keep me warm in the nights, so I think I’ll survive this winter too. Just a few more months to go!
Here’s my cold self portrait in ink and watercolor:cold.jpg

Have a great day!


Oh, and this is now submitted to the february #ccbchallenge
Join it and see what happens :D


10 thoughts on “Cold

  1. This is an amazing project you’ve created for the Winter theme! I sure hope it warms up soon for you. I guess I take it for granted being able to stay warm and cozy even in chilly temps. So glad you joined in to share your beautiful art with us! Thanks so much for joining in this month’s Canvas Corp Brand challenge! We look forward to seeing you again! Hugs, DT Karla

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you live in a camper/Recreational Vehicle, it’s what I assumed, you are calling camper wagon in a cold place. It must freeing, yet tough at times. I like your illustrations, they are very good.

    1. Thank you so much Iris!
      It never came to my mind that I might be using the wrong word. I just used the one that seemed most obvious to me. I think the right word should be camper or caravan. :)

    1. Thank you so much! It’s the first time I enter some sort of challenge, so thanks for that opportunity! :)

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