Yesterday I got myself some new watercolor-papers. It’s a kind I’ve never used before, so the first thing I did was a few experiments. Normally, I would just make a few boring circles, just to see how the paper handles the colors, but I thought: Why waste expensive papers on something so boring? Especially since I also bought a certain pen. A white gelly-roll pen that I have been eyeballing in the art supplies-store for a whole year, but never could afford. Ok, I guess I could have afforded it, but I mean, $7 for a PEN? What kind of crazy person would ever buy such a thing??
Well, after always fighting with painting around all the white areas, and seeing what other artists easily could achieve with this pen, I finally went ahead and spoiled myself with one.
Here is the result of my first go with the new pen and paper(and watercolors of course): a little page with hair-experiments:
It’s not the best work I’ve ever done. I only like the red and blue one. But I look forward to find new ways to use this. The paper quality is great and the pen is just amazing!
Totally worth eating oatmeal for a week to make up for the budget-gap.

Let me know if you like them and I’ll make some more :)

Have a great day!



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