All of my trees


I think that most people who draws and paints has this one certain motive that keeps coming back to them. It might be that one thing that never quite turns out right, or just the go-to motive when there’s no other inspiration. For me, that thing is trees. Or, treehouses. I have this particular image of the thick trunked tree, with almost bare branches, and a little house and ladder. I’m not quite sure why I keep on painting it. I just do. I guess it represents something about myself that I haven’t really found yet. I know that it is very personal, and I think that is the reason to why so many others have appreciated it. I’ve even had a few clients wanting me to make one for them.
The first one I ever made was this one:treehouse

Not that fancy, and I didn’t put much effort into it. After it was finished, I didn’t think much of it. Like most other paintings, it was forgotten in a folder somewhere.
But after a while it kept coming back.
I started making tons of small sketches. These are just the ones I could find, but there are many more.





I made more paintings:


Different versions:

This one is the latest:
As you can tell, I have significantly improved my painting skills since that first one.(or at least, my patience)  Somehow, I still feel as if it’s not quite right yet.  I guess that I’ll just keep on painting it, and hopefully I’ll someday find out what it’s all about.

I’d love to know which one of these you like the most.
Or hate the least. Everyone has a different taste :)


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