Doodlewash 30-day challenge

Hey everyone!
This month I tried to take on the monthly challenge from Doodlewash. It’s about painting 30 watercolours in 30 days, and there’s a list of prompts to follow.
Since we’re only in the middle of the month, you might have figured out that I didn’t make it through the challenge.

I knew already from the beginning that I probably wouldn’t be able to keep it up, because I’ve got a new book project coming up, and I’m also trying to prepare for a children’s book festival later this summer.
To make it easier for myself, the paintings were only 10 x 10 cm in size, but I still only made it until day 14. After that I had to prioritize my other projects.

Here are my fourteen tiny paintings:

Day 1 “Sunshine”

I’ve been trying so many times to capture that ocean-shimmering. I never felt like I succeeded, but I think this one came pretty close!

Day 2 “Gardens”

Inspired by two gardens in my city, Copenhagen’s botanical garden, and the Frederiksberg gardens. I always want to go there and draw some plants, but never actually make the time to do it.

Day 3 “Boats”

A good practice in light and composition. And a reminder that I need more practice with moving water.

Day 4 “Wildlife”

A sudden change of colours.

Day 5 “Hot air balloons”

This was fun for me, because it reminded me of my childhood-summers. In my old home town Stockholm, a very certain sign of summer is that the hot air balloons start popping up over the city. They’re usually less fancy than I made them out to be, with not so many decorations and with big corporate logos all over them. Ah well, it’s my painting. I get to romanticize things if I want to.

Day 6 “Park”

Based on a true event.
After this, I felt like I might not be such a horrible dog owner after all. But not to get down on those other two. I am well aware that some kids really should be on a leash, no matter how good parents the have.

Day 7 “Fish”

I got caught up in painting that water, and lost focus on the fish. You can still see them if you look closely.

Day 8 “Beach”

This counts as a beach, right?

Day 9 “Trees”

This is the most detailed one I made. I was supposed to make something really quick, but couldn’t stop my mind from getting hooked on this idea and run through with it.
I like it a lot. I only wish I had enough imagination to write a story for it.

Day 10 “Iced tea”

I have no connection to this beverage at all. I know it’s orange, so I painted something orange.

Day 11 “Barbecue”

This one was a battle between my idea of how this should look and the way colour works. It is so tricky to make blue and yellow fade into each other without making the whole thing green. Finally found a solution in using masking fluid, but still had to accept some green-ness.

Day 12 “Rocks”

My last summers in Sweden was spent in a place like this.

Day 13 “Watermelon”

Just because I didn’t feel like painting an actual watermelon.

Day 14 “Camping”

I hope I get the chance to spend a few days in this setting soon. I could use some peace and quiet.

This was a fun challenge, I’m pretty sure I learned some things.
I’m a tiny bit bummed about not being able to complete it, but at the same time I’m very excited about all the other stuff I’m going to do instead.


9 thoughts on “Doodlewash 30-day challenge

  1. In just two weeks, you have produced some amazingly delightful pieces. I love everything that you do, and the enchanting and magic-inspiring work that is your paintings. 14 days is a long time to stick to something this involved and I’d say it was a total success! Just look at what came from it! I’m so glad you invited us along on your challenge. It was delightful.

    1. Kate, I’m completely overwhelmed with your flattery. Thank you so much for hanging around. Your support means a lot to me <3

  2. Your paintings remind me of a warm fuzzy feeling from childhood. They’re beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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