Continuing on the silent book

I haven’t given up on this project yet!
Currently I’m working on a layout, like what size the pages should be and if they should be filled with many small pictures or just a big one. And, I’m trying to find the right colours. That is really hard, because it’s supposed to take place at night, but I don’t want to make it too dark.
Of course, it’s not really possible to make a bright night scene unless most of it is filled with lamps or other lights (something I’ve had many arguments with clients about). But I still want to experiment to see just how bright I can make it and still have it obvious that it is night time.

So I’ve made many more colour tests:

It is very important to take notes, so that when I find I combination I like, I won’t forget what colours I used.

I thought I had found the right combinations after making those three in the top, and the one on the bottom was the final test, sort of.
I thought it turned out great and wanted to get started on some actual, big illustrations (before I even have the layout sorted out). I was so excited about it so I sketched up three at once.

The process right now goes like this: First I make the rough sketch on a regular copy-paper, as to not ruin anything on the fancy one.
Then I wait until it gets dark outside, so I can trace them onto the fancy paper with my crappy homemade light box (a box, a plastic plate, two light strings, and a whole lotta tape) , which only works well in complete darkness. It’s the only bad thing about the days getting longer, me being forced to be patient.

Once traced up on the fancy paper (which really isn’t that fancy, I just think so because it’s expensive with my low income standards) I make the shadowing with pencil.
This is new for me, I usually make a very light pencil sketch and try not to make it visible through the paint, but here it’s a really big part of the painting.
When finished it looks like this:

And finally, painting, following the instructions of my notes on the colour tests, it turned out like this:


I thought it turned out OK. Although, then I showed the finished pieces to a bunch of people who didn’t see that it was night time at the first impression, so I guess I’ll have to darken it down a little.
And I’m realizing now that the dog should get some more of my time. I haven’t made a character sheet for it, only the children, so unless I work a bit on that it’s going to look like a different dog in each picture.

Very well, not a hundred percent successful, but I’m getting closer, and learning a lot on the way!



5 thoughts on “Continuing on the silent book

    1. Thank you!! Your comments always make my day. I’m so happy you like them. <3

  1. I love your illustrations and your characters (I love your IG feed too) and I think your process discussions here are so illuminating and add depth to your, already lovely, pieces.

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