My first website


Hello! Welcome to my first website ever!
My name is Embla. I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for a couple of years now, and this website is my first attempt of getting out of the freelance-pages ,which has had the power over my career so far, and finally become completely self-reliant as an artist.
It is a big and scary step to take, and so far I’m only halfway across the treshold. I still work mostly via But the plan is to make this website my base, from where I will do commissioned work, but also display my own projects and artworks. Now, I’m really not a technical person. I don’t know anything about running a website, and I’m still a bit lost when it comes to the internet in general. Heck, I can’t even use a smartphone! But I’m excited to learn! While I’m a very old fashioned person, and have always been suspicious of this new world we live in, it seems like a necessity to get more involved in the big world of websites and social media to make it as an artist today, and it’s finally time for me to join the game.
I know the site looks just awful at the moment. There is no order, and nothing really makes sense. But hang around while I’m getting it all together, and pretty soon this place will be overfilled with art and updates about upcoming projects!
Meanwhile, you can check out my flickr-page to find out what kind of work it is I do.

Island 4

If you’re looking to have a custom illustration made, I work with those on fiverr :)
Have a great day!



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