A giant



All right, the site is really empty, and I feel like I should put something more here, just to fill it out a little.
So here is what I’ve been working on for the last four days. A giant.
I’m actually a little disappointed in this one, but just because I started out with really high expectations. It all started with me getting really excited about a few sketches I made. For each sketch I got a new idea, and each one became more elaborate than the previous. I wanted to make something more out of them, and decided on making my first big painting for a long while. I don’t usually go bigger than a4-format, so this a3 felt huge to me. I kept getting lost on the paper.
I think the biggest reason that it didn’t go as well as I had hoped was because both the colors and the paper were different than the ones I normally use. I spent so much time adding details that just disappeared again when it dried, and finally I just gave up.
It’s not that I think it’s bad, i just wish it had turned out better. But that’s how it always is. I might try again sometime :)

giant2A good reason to never use the large papers is that they can’t fit in a scanner. They have to be photographed, which is an artform I am NOT familiar with. In reality, the original looks like a mix between these to.

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