Non-dangerous pirates

A little while ago, I made this drawing just for fun. I really liked these guys, and realized that this is a golden opportunity to practice motion, angles, proportions, and most of all: character consistency.
When I illustrated my first children’s book, I hadn’t even thought of the importance of this. It showed to be a huge problem, and no matter how hard I tried, the character still ended up looking different on the last page than it did on the first.
I have learned from my mistake, and I’ve been doing a lot of practice since, but the learning never ends, and here’s some more:scan0016
The first drawing.

Then three more, in different stages of the process.

PiratesAnd the final result. I’m quite happy with them, and these guys might be going on more adventures in the future.
I still have more work to do until the character consistency reaches perfect, but at least I have come a long way since that first book.

Have a nice day!



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