First day of spring

If you live further away from the equator, as I do, then you know that awesome day after a long winter where the sun is actually warm for the first time. (yes, I know it’s always warm, and you know what I mean) We had that day two days ago, and we really did use of it.
This whole winter I have avoided going outside as much as possible. Partly because it’s winter, but also because I’ve been having more work than ever before. I’ve taken maybe two or three days off since october, and I’ve only left the desk because the dog needs it’s walks. Poor Rita. I’ve been no fun at all to hang out with.
But this day, there were no excuses. I rushed through a few projects in the morning, and to  both mine and Rita’s excitement, spend the rest of the day out in the forest.scan0004.jpg
Awesome day. Looking forward to more of these.

Has spring come to you guys yet? Or maybe you live somewhere where the sun warms in the winter as well? I know some of you come from completely different places in the world, so I’d love to know what spring is like over where you’re at!

Have a great (and hopefully warm and sunny) day!