Diary in March

Hello! Here’s the diary from last month. I don’t have a summarising spread this time, but I’ve been documenting as always.
It’s funny how my choice of color is affected by my mood. I found that I used a lot of blue in january and february, where a lot of things happened, but everything was going smoothly and I was calm and overall happy. March haven’t been particularly eventful, but I’ve been going through a lot of emotional turbulence, especially towards the end of the month, and that showed up here as a lot of red and purple.
You’ve already seen this one. Not so much red and purple here.

Patrick outside of the caravan. It’s very brown here still, but the green is on it’s way.

So, yeah. Emotional turbulence. I’ve had quite a few days like this lately, but I think it’s about to pass now.

I got a weekend job. It’s probably very healthy for me, and it’s a great job. I mostly took it for the purpose of getting out every once in awhile, and meet some people. But of course, I’m geting payed too, and knowing that I’ll be having some extra money has made me go and buy a lot of stuff that I don’t really need. Like a gold pen. And apple juice and cookies. That’s luxury for you.

scan0027And this one, which you’ve also seen most of already. No red or purple here. Just warm and happy spring-things.

Happy april y’all!