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Hi Guys!
In addition to the last post about a bad commission experience, here comes a really good one.
Last week I was commissioned by a woman named Angie McHenry to make a few images for her website:

She’s a really talented photographer, specializing in children’s portraits. And they are so, so beautiful!
I was really nervous about living up to those standards. But it started really well with her loving the sketches I made, and it was decided that I do not only draw the main image and the logo, but also a bunch of small details, such as these:AMPfireflies.jpgAMPgirls2.jpgAMPdandelions.jpgAMPtrees.jpg
I’m very happy about them, but it’s the big picture that I’m really proud of. When I get a commision that is really fun, the perfectionist in me starts exaggerating, and I can’t slow myself down. Usually I need to tell myself that it doesn’t have to be that perfect. Stick to the clients requests and don’t spend ten hours on something when I’m only getting paid for three. I mean, of course I want to do my very best every single time, but overdoing it means that I get very little sleep, and a very low income. So sometimes I just have to restrain myself.
But, well… not this time. This time I stayed awake pretty much all night for three days, and here is the result:ampbigpainting
Oh, man. Those trees were such a pain. But so worth it!
I’m really happy about it. And of course, the best part is that Angie loved them. Which was the whole point.
The reason I loved this project so much was because it’s rare that I get to paint a motive for someone else that is so much in line with my personal work. Mostly it’s just “draw this car, a butterfly, a portrait of my kid..etc….”. That’s all fun in it’s own way. But when the description is “It’s a few kids, in a mystical fairytale forest with really tall trees, on an adventure” that really gets  me going.

I’m so glad that I was chosen for the project.
Angie is really an amazing photographer. Her photos are beyond beautiful, and if you happen to be anywhere close to her and have children, go book a session.

Find her website HERE

My first home

The past week has been really busy for me. For some reason, it’s always somewhere around the 20th that I get a massive amount of orders, so by the end of the month I’m practically working 27/7. This means, not so many blog posts or personal projects. But now I have something I’d like to show, which I have been working on in between all the commissions the last two weeks.
This picture is of my old “neighbourhood”. I moved out from my dad’s when I was around sixteen, and for a year or so I was living in different apartments belonging to the circus-school I was attending. This meant a bunch of 16-19-year olds, who, without any supervision, was living together. Half of whom had not yet learned how to make food or pay bills. Needless to say, it was quite a chaotic time. Especially since the circus students are known for climbing on walls.
So in the second year of school, I finally got my own, first “real home”. The quotation-marks is there because I don’t know how real a camping wagon counts as. But it was mine, and I loved it.
There were just four wagons on a small parking lot outside of the circus hall. In the winters it was mostly just me living there(because of the cold I told you about in a previous post), but as soon as it got warmer this was all of my friends and neighbours hangout-place, and we spent the evenings drinking beer, playing music and juggling.

Now my wagon(the one on the right), and all the others are long gone. My friends are spread out all over the world. And our hedgehog, Herman, is most likely dead.
I’m not too sad about it. Life goes on, you know. But sometimes it’s a little hard not to miss all those good times.