Christmas paintings 2018

I decided to finally make some Christmas cards this year.
Featuring this little elf.

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Little Christmas-painting

Merry Christmas, or happy whatever other holiday you’re engaged in!

I’m no fan of holiday-celebrations myself. It’s not that I have anything against christmas, it just happens to be filled with things that makes me nervous, so I usually try to avoid it all.
I was planning on spending the day alone, but agreed to come with my boyfriend to his mom’s house. Luckily, their idea of a good christmas celebration looks a lot like mine.  They spent the whole day playing computer games and watching series, and I was listening to music and painting this:

Say what you want about Christmas, but the theme sure makes for some idyllic motives.

It almost beats that one year when the whole celebration was eating clementines and watching die hard.

Hope everyone else also got to spend the weekend the way they wanted to.


So here is my first diary-post.
I wanted to tell you a bit about my christmas, and show you a page from my “diary”. It looks like this:
2149.jpgNow, this is a very romanticised depiction of what was really going on.

This christmas, me, my two younger brothers and our mom got together in her house. We all live very far away from each other, so we rarely get together, and it’s so much fun when we do. But it’s also quite chaotic.
Here’s how it all went down:
Mom’s cats have been chasing my dog, my dog has been chasing mom’s chickens, meatballs burned, little brother crying, nervous cats starts peeing inside, other brother demanding lunch, the firewood is wet, the game-night is less about answering questions and more about yelling at each other about whether Israel is in Europe, Africa or Asia, and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier about staying at home this year.
But believe it or not, we all survived and even managed to do all the weird, mandatory, swedish christmas-things, like eating raw fish and writing poems to go along with christmas gifts. We might give it a try again next year.
For now, I’m happy to be back to my quiet camping wagon, where the days rarely get more chaotic than this: