Gnu Poo – By Steve Wootton

I know, I know. There’s still a lot to do on this site before anyone can grasp what’s actually going on here. But I figure, the more I just do stuff, the faster I will figure out how to handle all this. Right now, I want to cover the categories, and so I want to show you some commissioned work. I think it’s suitable for the first post in this category to be about the one project I enjoyed working on the most in 2016. Actually, I think this one beats every other project I’ve ever worked on.  Well, there is this one book about swearing kids and pirates, that might be able to compete, but I’ll tell you all about that some other time.
This book is called Gnu Poo. Just imagine. I get a message from some guy who wants to pay me for drawing poo. Isn’t that just an illustrators dream? Might it be fate, that I just so happen to have a thing for gnus?

Two gnus, Hue and Stu, and Sue

I could not have dreamt of working with an author this amazing. Not only did he put in a lot of effort to make sketches for every single page, saving me a bunch of time and work. This guy, Steve Wootton, is so nice. And also really, really funny.
Most of my clients just wants the job done, fast and cheap, and no matter how long a project takes, I never really get to know anything about them. In this case however, I really enjoyed the conversations. I guess it’s hard to uphold a professional image when the talking subject is poo. But it wasn’t just that. Steve shared with me small pieces of his life,(and also links to websites where one can buy poo-earrings) which made the whole correspondance really friendly and comfortable. And I think one of the reasons that I like this book so much, is because I really like the author.


Ok, it might be a little bit because of the poo-stuff as well…
I had so much fun telling my boyfriend about how I was chatting with my boss in England about poo. He got tired of it pretty quickly, but I’m still just as excited about it.
Ok, enough ranting. I know you guys are more interested in pictures than my stories. Here are two of my favorites:
Sue has a zoo for gnus.

Stu and Hue poo in the zoo’s new loo – phew!

How lucky this book is more pictures than text! See more of it here:
And make sure to get one for your nieces, nephews, grandkids and other small people you might know. If enough people likes it enough to buy it, Steve will be able to publish even more of these hilarious stories. (like maybe a hairy fairy)

Thanks to Steve for trusting me with this project! I hope for many more!


By the way, we spent a lot of time trying to find out how gnu poo actually looks. We never succeeded, and went with the classical poo-pile instead.
If anyone has a picture of real gnu poo. Please tell me because I am dying to know!