Oak painting

A new Tuli-piece was made last week.
I did my best to capture some of the process.

I’ve been thinking about making this one for a long time.
It was back in August that I had a long fight with an oak-tree, trying to get some reference photos for this painting. It was a windy day, so the tree would not stay still, and every single photo was blurry. Still, I got a lot more out of my blurry photos than I would have from trying to imagine what an oak-branch might look like.
Having a reference photo makes everything better. Every single time.

For this one, I just puzzled together the parts that I could make out from my photos, and placed Tuli in the middle of it.

I’ve mostly been painting at night, so all the photos are affected not only by the bad phone-camera, but also the yellow light that I work under.
Hopefully it  doesn’t bother anyone too much.
At least I’ve got the scanner to give a much more accurate representation of the painting:

Hope you like it :)

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