Painting dandelions

I made a new painting of Tuli (that’s their name now). I’ve always got lots of ideas for new paintings with them, but I easily get too occupied with my personal projects, and postpone other important stuff I have to do. So I have to hold myself back from manifesting every single idea that pops into my head. This one wasn’t really supposed to happen.


I just made a tiny sketch of a nice photo I saw, added Tuli, and then I couldn’t restrain myself from making a big version.
As if I haven’t got better things to do…


So, I made a bigger sketch out of the small one, traced it onto the watercolour paper, and went straight to painting.


The only thing I had in mind was to make it really colourful, and I decided on pink and green without much thought behind it. Probably should’ve given it more, because I’m not very happy with the outcome at all.IMG_20180529_0008There are some nice things about it, but the two things that were the most important- the dandelions and the colours- didn’t work. I think this fails to show the things I was most interested in. The dandelions should look light and transparent, but they are thick and heavy. The colours seems to be fighting each other and I don’t even know where the light is or where it’s coming from.
I might as well try again.

It was a fun challenge, so even if the next one didn’t turn out completely great either, it was a good learning opportunity.
Luckily, right at this time the dandelions had just sprung out in their poofy form around here, so I spent all the dog-walks observing them.
These two tests didn’t help me much. I thought that I should try finding a good technique for showing the lightness and transparency, but I didn’t discover a good one. I figured I’d just go with how I did it the first time, but leaving less white on the paper and paying more attention to the details.

I let go of the pink and switched it out for yellow. Discarded the whole background to give myself an easier time with the lighting. Used a white gel-pen to make extra seeds and highlights.

This was the result:


I like this one a lot more.
I became so focused on the dandelions that I neglected Tuli a bit. I’m afraid that the silhouette don’t read well enough. But I think that once you know t’s there, it’s quite obvious what/who it is, right?
I want to say that I might give it another try sometime, but I probably won’t. I’ve got other projects to focus on now, and once that focus shifts, it doesn’t go back.

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