The Kiosk painting process

Hello there!
Here’s a new painting, inspired by the time I was in school, and me and my friends used to collect bottles to trade in for candy.
Ok, not quite. In reality I only wanted to paint a little shop, and the bottle-idea came along on the way.



In the constant search for new techniques, this time I tried out making the outlines in colored pencil. I do that a lot, but I always just stick to one color. This time, I thought I’d try using ALL THE COLOURS!
So, first step, the outline:

Next step. Start painting! Here I’ve only added some light brown, and it’s really cool how it already looks like an almost finished piece!

Now, just keep on painting.. Almost got all the colour down now:
And lastly, went back to the pencils to go over the outline that was too thin, and add small details . And I also used a white gel-pen to put some shine on the glass and the left kid’s shirt.scan0142

This was really interesting to make. Looking back at the process, I wish I had left more whites in there, and made some of the white areas darker – the lady behind the counter looks like a ghost!. It was really hard to control the values, I think it’s because when the colour was already decided by the pencil, I just filled in the areas with that colour, and forgot how each object looked in relation to the others.
I think this could be a really good technique for bright and colourful images, but I’ll need a lot of practice before I can get the most out of it. And I need to remember not to zoom in on the details before I’ve considered the big picture.

That’s all folks. Happy Friday everybody!


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