Mushrooms (hi again)

Pixie's parasolHello. Seems like my blogging-breaks are just getting longer and longer. Been three months since last time I wrote, I think. All the latest posts are starting with “sorry I haven’t been around”.

I really like writing here (and have about seven unfinished posts just laying around) but I’m making too much of a big deal out of it, and end up not doing anything at all.
This was all just meant to be a log of my process. I think I became too self conscious when people started following it.
So, yeah. Time to stop taking things so freakkng seriously and just write whatever whenever.

Today it’s about mushrooms!
But first, a little something about how my interests can be kinda disruptive.

So, I like making catalogues. Like this one:
These are really great to have, because my memory and imagination really isn’t the best, and I tend to draw the same kind of plants over and over again.
With this little piece of paper closeby, it makes it really easy to change it up a bit.

Last month, I was going to get started on a catalogue of insects. This is how far I got:
As you can tell, the small ones are in line with the plant-catalogue. Just some random insects to refer to for later. Suddenly I felt the need to draw some actual insects. so I did. Then, I felt the need to split my insects into sections. I mean, there are the ones with wings, the ones who crawl, the small ones and big ones and the ones with hundreds of legs.
I just wanted a bit of order.

This led me to two sleepless days of researching insect-classification, and this little map of species.

I must admit, I think the result is pretty great. But this isn’t the kind of information I will be using for anything ever, so it was pretty much just a huge waste of time.

Yeah, my sudden bursts of interest sometimes reaches a point of obsession, and as I said. It can be very disruptive. I really should’ve been working on something else.

Anyways, that didn’t stop me, and once I was finished with the insects, I did the exact same thing with fungi. Not just the mushrooms, but also mold, lichen, yeast……. All of it.
Now, I won’t be showing you that map, because it’s not even finished yet. But I’ve been way into mushrooms for a month now, and the obsession has luckily tuned out and is down to a healthy hobby-level.
Instead of focusing too much on the classification of the species, I’m more into painting the ones that I think look cool. Here are some:

The shaggy ink cap:
Coprinus Comatus

Pixie’s parasol (what a great name!)

Verdigris agaric. I went way overboard with the background here.


Pagoda fungus:

It took me waaay too long to realize I could make this into bigger pieces of art. But I finally got it!
I really like this one of the oyster mushroom:

And lastly, some mushroom I forgot the name of. Here I was mostly inspired by the fact that the fungis genealogy is closer to humans than to plants. Which is super cool, and I now consider them to be little people just standing around in the forest.

Anyone got really into mushrooms now? No? Still just me, huh?

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