The ideal living conditions.

BalloonI want to move.
I really, really want to go someplace else.
I want to live somewhere where I can have my own table to paint at, to be able to have both a paper and a laptop out at the same time. Somewhere where the whole house doesn’t lift from the ground each time someone takes a step.





<—This one is from February.





Yeah, I know. Sorry about the complaining. I’m just a little frustrated these days, and I’m telling myself that moving into a real house would fix all of my problems.
I know it might not. And I know that complaining doesn’t solve anything. But where am I to let out my discontentment if not on the internet, right?
Also, I am actually trying to do something about it. I’m trying to buy a house. Or, we’re trying to buy a house – I don’t think he likes it when I talk about him, but i do in fact, still, have a boyfriend – And as a very low income household, we can’t get a loan. Luckily, we are an extremely low expense household too, so saving up to a whole house isn’t completely unrealistic. As long as it’s a cheap house.

Were still some time away from it, but the closer we get, the more dangerously dreamy I become about it.
Like this:

This seems like a nice place to live. It is likely to move around a lot, but at least there are no neighbours, and with the best garden ever.scan0200
This one is probably located in a windowsill somewhere. If it’s in an abandoned house, I could live with it. If it’s inhabited, no. I would feel too much like a pet. And not the good kind, like a cat or dog. More like a stick insect or goldfish.scan0202

Seems a little windy, but you don’t get more privacy than this.scan0192This place would be completely ideal. I still want to live with the boyfriend of course, but we all need our private space, so…. One of us can have the left one, the other the right, and we’ll eat dinner and watch cartoons in the middle.
The dog just has to learn to swim…


5 thoughts on “The ideal living conditions.

  1. Where would we be without the dreamers? Possibly living in my cynical world, which is not pleasant compared to your dreams I can tell you! Lovely.

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