Breakout of the creative block.

Hello everyone! How are you?
I feel fantastic myself, because since my last post about my “creative block” (I guess that’s a good name for that?) I’ve found a way to break out of it!
It was so simple, it’s ridiculous.
I just went into town, found an art supplies shop, and got myself some new paints and brushes. Immediately my fingers started itching, and I rushed back home to try them out.

I wanted to try something new, so I started working on some characters. I’m quite tired of the way my characters look, and I want to make them softer, and more personal.
I love these noses, but have been scared to use them. Mostly because the authors I’ve worked with wants their characters as cute as possible, which means big eyes, big heads, small mouths and noses. I find that pretty boring.
I’m a bit more confident now, so I’ll start working on these again, and I guess I’ll just have to use them for my own projects.

Ok, so this one got a little messed up. It was just too many experiments squeezed onto one tiny paper. That’s what happens when you get too excited.

I had no idea it would have such a huge effect. Only two cakes of watercolor and a set of detail-brushes has kept me in a great mood for days.
Of course I have bought art supplies before, but never like this.
For me, just like most people, money has almost always been the main cause for worry in my life. I won’t go deeper into the state of my economy than letting you know that I’ve been living in a caravan for six years and my wardrobe is entirely made up of clothes that are either found or received as gifts. I wouldn’t buy anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, and of course the same goes for art supplies. In case you didn’t know, those are usually pretty expensive, so whenever I’ve had to buy some new papers or something, I’ve been afraid to use them. My expensive watercolor papers and quality paints are reserved for commissions and masterpieces ONLY. So buying new art supplies has always been more of a burden to me than anything else.

However, since I got that park-job, I’m making a lot more money. Now, I have an economic freedom I’ve never experienced before. Suddenly, the rent is not a constant worry, and I can buy food because of want instead of need. What a luxury!
I’m still hesitant about buying things that I don’t need, even though I can. But this time, I gave myself an excuse: it’s my birthday! I haven’t celebrated that for years, and I don’t get any gifts from myself or anyone else. So it’s really a poor excuse. But without it, I wouldn’t have let myself buy those paints and brushes, and I’m so glad I did.

Next time I come across the block, I probably won’t have an excuse to spend unnecessary money, so I’ll have to figure out some other way to deal with it.
For now I’m just really glad to be back on track, with my awesome brushes.


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