Diary in May

A little late, but here are my documents from last month:

The summarising spread for the whole month.
My hair is longer than it’s ever been, it’s quite annoying. Mom’s house is full of kittens.
I slaughtered a rooster for the first time(the handling of the body was worse than the actual killing). I’m getting a lot of exercise from carrying bicycles and digging up the vegetable garden.  And, only returning to your home every other week during springtime makes for an even greener happy surprise every time you get there.

I’m getting a lot of visitors in my bed these days.
And I’m trying to make characters out of objects. Not diary-related, but a really fun exercise which I will look more into sometime.

For some reason, all the animals are following me around all day. Pretty sure that the dogs just like me, the cats probably wants to eat me, and the chickens are looking for revenge.

Children I’ve encountered, and the plan for the garden.

And lastly, these two dog-drawings that you’ve already seen, and an overlook on mom’s place. It’s a really nice place.

Happy June!

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