A poster for the playground

Here’s yet another sleepless night-project.
A poster for the playground where I work. I guess I didn’t tell you about that. The reason for why I’m going back and forth between Sweden and Denmark all the time is that I now work at a playground in the weekends. Cleaning, planning activities, lending out bikes and stuff like that. It’s an awesome job. Only problem is that when you tell your new boss that your primary job is illustration, you suddenly have a bit more work than you planned for. Such as advertising for the park.
I did get some extra hours of course, but not nearly as many as I spent on making this. I think I need to become a little tougher regarding this stuff.
No use to complain now though, as it’s already done, and I’m really happy about how it turned out. Also, not having to worry about the taxes (as they’re payed automatically when you work for the city) is a big relief.

Here’s the initial sketch:scan0059
And the final illustration:LvpIllustration2

If you’re around Copenhagen, come by Lindevangsparken some weekend and say hi! Next week we’re starting up a tiny community garden :)

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