Too much work

Hello friends. I’m sorry to have neglected you lately. The reason is the same as always: I’m working.
The past few weeks have been quite unforgiving. Besides from the going back and forth between two countries on days when there are no buses going (who else in the world uses hitchhiking as a regular way of commuting?), I’ve been getting a little too much work to handle in between those trips. Maybe you noticed the lack of a monthly diary post yesterday. I haven’t had the time to document much.
I really only have myself to blame. I could just start telling people that I need more time, and I should. I will. But sometimes, something comes up where the timeframe can’t be prolonged, and the project is so exciting that I feel as if I have to take it, even though I know I’ll be working every waking hour for a long time. Such is the story about these guys:
I was sent a very sweet little love story, which was meant as an anniversary-gift. It was actually a lot better than many of those I’ve had sent to me before, even by people who’s been writing children’s books for years, so I was very eager to illustrate it. But there was one problem. The anniversary was happening ten days from when the client first wrote me.
The reasonable thing to do would be telling her that it’s simply impossible. Just the sketching for a children’s book can take months, there’s no way a whole book can be made in ten days!
But, you know… the story was just so sweet, and I knew how happy it would make her girlfriend to receive such a gift. So I said that if I make them really really simple, and don’t show the sketches or anything – it might be possible.
And so I stupidly attempted to create a whole picture book from scratch in only ten days.
Amazingly enough, I did it.
Here’s a bit of the story:

I’m ridiculously proud of myself for having made it. But I will never try anything like this ever again. No matter how great the story, or how simple the illustrations. I have found my limit.
While making these, my sleep has consisted mostly of power naps. It’s not even anything new. I’ve been awake much more than I’d like to for this whole year. And I don’t think I’ve had a single day off for about 18 months now. It’s something I’ve been handling pretty well so far, and it feels good to get so much done, but I think it’s time for a break. I’m noticing myself becoming more forgetful, and especially more emotional. So that’s probably a good sign to slow myself down. Probably, my choice here is either slowing down, or a wall-smash-stop in the near future, and the latter is not preferable.
So, for anyone thinking about hiring me for anything, you are more than welcome to write me, but be prepared that it might be several weeks before I’m ready to take on a new project.
For now I’ll be getting through the commissions I have left, and spend more time on my personal projects. But most of all, I’ll put my focus on the vegetable garden, the chickens and the workshop, and most of all – my bed.

Good night!

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