So much travelling

Here’s a little self portrait from my diary.
scan0049.jpgThese days there’s a lot of going back and forth between Sweden and Denmark, as I’m still working in the park every weekend. I really love that job, but the dog really hates commuting.
Now I’ll have to consider if the job is worth it putting her through six hours of panic each week.
I could do fine without it. The money I make doesn’t really cover much more than the trips back and forth between the countries, and I don’t like public transport any more than the dog does. But it’s the only way I can afford visiting the boyfriend, and also it’s forcing me to socialize, which is something that I need.
I’ll see how it turns out. Since we moved to the country, the dog is much calmer, and soon I’ll only be working every other weekend.
If it get’s better, I’ll keep at it. If not, the boyfriend is going to have to visit me instead.

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