Strangers and friends

Here’s another one from the diary. These all started out as very quick sketches(gotta be fast so they don’t notice me!), which I inked and colored later.
Drawing strangers in public is strange. It feels as if I’m violating someone’s private space, without them even noticing. The weirdest thing is how I feel some sort of connection to these people. I’ll most likely never see them again, and they most likely never saw me at all. Still, I somehow consider these guys my friends.
I guess it’s a bit the same with you.
There aren’t too many of you following this blog, and that’s really nice. When I write here I adress you, the readers, because I know that you’re there, but in reality I just write for myself. That’s just how I started out. I didn’t think anyone would care to see what I paint or write, so I’ve had no problem being very personal here.

I still get really excited when the little orange dot in the corner tells me that “someone is following your blog”. I always want to see who it is, and I’m always surprised when I find out.
I think that if I had a huge bunch of followers, that thing would disappear. I might be more cautious about what I share, and it would become less personal. And mostly, I wouldn’t be able to have some sort of idea of who it is that I’m writing to. So I’m very grateful that there aren’t too many of you.

I know very little, or nothing, about all of you. I don’t know if you are here for my art or something else, you rarely leave a comment, and I don’t actually have a relationship to you. But I’ve seen you, and you’ve seen me, in a way.
That makes me think of you as my friends (I guess that word might be too strong, but it’s the closest to what I feel.) My secret, quiet friends, whom I feel comfortable sharing my diary-pages and personal thoughts with.
So, thank you, my dear internet-crew. I’m really glad that you’re here, and flattered by the fact that you stay.
I look forward to seeing more of you.


2 thoughts on “Strangers and friends

  1. Time to leave a sign then…… I am following you becasue I´m fascinated by your drawings and of your ability to use your fantasy and make such fine pictures. And of course one factor also is that we are family. Your mother and I are cousins, you know?

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