100 (but actually just 26) somethings

There’s this thing, a challenge I guess, that I’ve seen a few people doing lately – design 100 somethings.
It’s basically about drawing a hundred versions of one thing. I don’t know how long it’s been going on, or who came up with it, but whoever it is – thank you!
I have so many other projects going on, and really little time, but I got so excited about the idea, that I just had to try it out. I decided that my something is a treehouse. Some of you guys know that I’ve already made a huge bunch of those, and this really counts as cheating.(I don’t actually know if there are any rules to this challenge, but if I were to set some, I have broken them) I really should, and want to, do it more whole-heartedly sometime, but for now this is what I get out of it. 26 tree-houses.scan0015.jpg
I think I’ll be skipping the next 74, and instead do another Something at a later time. Some something that I haven’t already made before.

For all my fellow drawers and painters out there, I really recommend doing this challenge. It’s not very helpful in improving drawing skills, as many other of these challenges are, but it’s an awesome way to stretch the imagination.
I personally feel super creative right now, and surprised with the stuff I managed to come up with. Even though I cheated.

A good day to you all!



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