Diary in January

It’s been cold.
I’ve been working like crazy to keep up with deadlines.
My dog has experienced ice for the first time.
I bought an awesome pen
And, yeah… That pretty much sums up January.

How was your month?

7 thoughts on “Diary in January

    1. Oh no! I’m so lucky to have my birthday in the middle of summer, so I’m afraid I’ll never quite understand this struggle. But I am aware of it, as both my brother and my boyfriend are born within ten days of christmas. I try to spread out the gift-buying over the whole year so they can have something for both celebrations.

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      1. Gifts are great at any time and the unexpected ones are the best. I also like giving gifts, because that way I come close to people that I like. I think of poetry as a gift … and I love sharing it.


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