One Motive, two pictures.

Hello! Today I thought I’d show you my free-time-project from last week. I’ve had this motive in my mind for a while. There’s a bunch of small sketches of it here and there. And now I’ve finally made something bigger out of it.
I work with both ink and watercolors, often combined. And they are so different. Both can make for a great picture, but the motives are often very different.  This is the first time I’ve made the same motive, in two different mediums.
One with ink:2172.jpg
And one with watercolors:bridge.jpgHuge difference, obviously.
Most often, my clients know if they want an ink-picture or a watercolor-picture. But sometimes, they’re not sure what they’re looking for, so I hope I will be able to use this as an example of what the different mediums does to a picture.
I’d better outline the one with watercolor too, as that’s the thing people are the most unsure about. Whether I should combine them or not.

Which one do you like better?

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